1968 – 1989: Paris – Prague (upcoming)

(English edition, Publication date: April 2020)

The “events of 1968” became a paradigmatic moment for an entire generation of philosophers. Philosophy reflected on these events through the construction of new philosophical concepts. 1989 became a date symbolizing, for some, the end of history; for others, who recalled the hopes that had been foreclosed, it symbolized a strange, incomprehensible catastrophe. What affirmative aspects of those two events have been forgotten? What did those events bring to the philosophical thinking of their time? The book, based on a conference organized in Prague in November 2017, assembles a generation of French and Eastern European philosophers in order to work through the philosophical heritage of 1968.

Includes contributions by Jacques Rancière, Étienne Balibar, Alain Badiou, Vincent Jacques, Patrice Maniglier, James Krapfl, Katarzyna Bielinska, Ivan Landa, Jan Mervart, Jana Berankova, Nick Nesbitt, Michael Hauser, Joe Grim Feinberg